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What is ALLĒ?

Allē is an aesthetics loyalty rewards program that earns you discounts on Allergan Aesthetics™ treatments and products such as BOTOX. Allē is an updated iteration of the Brilliant Distinctions® rewards program, with easier point redemption and more ways to earn rewards.

Earn rewards and save on your favorite products and treatments with the Allē rewards program at our office. Once you register, you’ll start earning points each time you visit us for select treatments. Save up points or redeem them at checkout for discounts on the treatments and products you know and love. MINTbody Med Spa will work with you to ensure you have tracked all your points during your visit.

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  • How Does IV Therapy Work?
    The treatment involves the placement of a small catheter into your vein. The IV fluid drips deliver the solution directly to your bloodstream. The treatment itself lasts about 30-40 minutes as the IV therapy flows into your vein.
  • How Many Treatments Will I Need?
    The number of treatments will vary from patient to patient. Some patients may need IV Therapy a few times, some need it more frequently. The protocols are different dependent upon the patient and the treatment condition.*
  • What Are the Different Types of IV Therapy?
    There are a couple of options to choose from, depending on the condition you are looking to treat. We can help treat Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, cold & flu, hangovers, intestinal malabsorption, body healing & recovering for athletes, and migraine headaches.*
  • Are There any Side Effects?
    The most common side effects from IV Therapy include inflammation, or bruising at the injection site; this is a rare complication. There is no downtime, you may begin to feel better about an hour after treatment.*


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