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Scar Reduction

Scar formation is a normal response following any injury or surgery. It is the way the body heals injured structures. Our medical staff is here to help you choose among a number of different devices and technologies that provide noninvasive skin tightening solutions to effectively treat your scarred areas. 


CO2 Skin Resurfacing


Skin Resurfacing with CO2: Used for sun-damaged skin, aging skin, textural irregularities, pigmentation and scarring, wrinkles and fine lines. This laser works by emitting light that is then absorbed in the lower dermis stimulating collagen growth and remodeling. The expected response following treatment is usually redness and possible swelling that lasts about one week. Most patients require between one and three treatments no sooner than every two months. 

Co2 Skin Resurfacing
Venus Viva® Skin Resurfacing

Venus Viva® Skin Resurfacing

Venus Viva™ is a non-surgical solution for skin resurfacing that corrects signs of skin damage and improves the appearance of scars, rosacea, acne, enlarged pores, deep wrinkles, uneven skin texture and pigmentation.



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